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  1. Erlang Developer - Wargaming 2014-04-09

    Приглашаем опытных Erlang программистов для участия в разработке нового XMPP Chat Server Read more »

    Irina Ignatovich Wargaming.net https://wargaming.com/ru/
    Minsk, Belarus
  2. Erlang Developer for Messaging Project Using MongooseIM and Ejabberd 2014-04-04

    Looking for Senior Earlang Architects or Developers to work on a messaging project. Should have a… Read more »

    Suresh Rapur SJ Softech http://www.sjsoftech.com
    Bangalore, India
  3. Senior Erlang Engineer London 2014-03-20

    Our client are looking for a Senior Erlang Engineer to join there already talented time of… Read more »

    Charlie Gower Mobile Marketing www.functionalworks.co.uk
    London, United Kingdom

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  1. Generic / Specialist Developer — networks, scalable automation solutions, interdisciplinary 2013-01-15

    2007 to 2012 — North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol, Russia. Qualification:… Read more »

    Ilyas Gasanov http://www.linkedin.com/in/igasanov
    Nevinnomyssk, Russia
  2. PONMUTHU M 2014-04-01

    Read more »

  3. Anton Nikishaev 2014-03-29

    Expertise areas
    + FP (mostly Haskell)
    + Math, numeric stuff (fast & parallel)
    + Low-level Linux/BSD… Read more »

    Anton Nikishaev http://lelf.me
    Samara, Russia
  4. Dominic DeWolfe 2014-03-27

    Read more »

    Dominic DeWolfe
  5. Vinoth Kumar 2014-03-17

    Read more »

    Vinoth Kumar
  6. Ivan Burgcom LTD 2014-02-28

    Read more »

    Ivan Burgcom LTD
  7. Andrey Ivanov 2014-02-24

    Parallel and asynchronous programming professional.C/C++/Erlang.Ph.D.
    Remote jobs only.

    Started… Read more »

    Andrey Ivanov
    St.Petersbirg , Russia
  8. Looking for Erlang Developers for our Kochi, Kerala Office 2014-02-19

    We are a telecom product development company. We are currently looking for a Senior Erlang Engineer… Read more »

    Abdul Nazeer http://www.netstratum.com
    Kochi, Kerala, India
  9. Maruthavanan Subbarayan 2010-07-21

    - Hands on experience in Erlang OTP.
    - CouchDB and NoSQL
    - RabbitMQ, AMQP protocols
    - VoIP… Read more »

    Maruthavanan Subbarayan http://in.linkedin.com/in/maruthavanan
    Bangalore, India
  10. Dhinesh Kumar R 2014-02-19

    Core Skills: Erlang, XMPP, Ejabberd, AMQP, Distributed systems, Scalable Architectures, Cassandra Read more »

    Dhinesh Kumar R http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dhinesh-kumar/15/308/98b
    Gurgaon, India
  11. Alexander Khryplyvenko 2014-01-26

    I've been writing programs for Unix/Linux for 7+ years(C, Python, Bash, Java, C++).
    Skills: OOP/OOD Read more »

    Alexander Khryplyvenko http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=281734785
    Kiev, Ukraine
  12. VINOD HG 2012-11-17

    I have more than 3 years of experience in Erlang with total experience of more than 6 years… Read more »

    New Jersey, United States
  13. Aashiesh Pounj 2014-01-30

    We are looking for Erlang/OTP, developers who also have or can work on chicago boss framework , we… Read more »

    Aashiesh Pounj www.entronic.com
    Chandigarh , India
  14. chan sisowath 2012-12-26

    i am french, converted to functional programming actually based in Shanghai, i moved there for a… Read more »

    chan sisowath http://github.com/mihawk
    shanghai, china
  15. sameer deshmukh 2013-08-29

    Skills- Erlang/OTP(proficient), core java, Cassandra,mysql

    2 yrs experience in erlang/OTP… Read more »

    Sameer Deshmukh
    Bangalore, India
  16. Chi Chung Lam 2014-01-11

    Read more »

    Chi Chung Lam
  17. Shishir Lamichhane 2013-12-20

    Read more »

    Shishir Lamichhane
  18. Larsen Vojnic Zelic 2013-12-10

    Erlang developer with 4 years of experience in Ericsson Hungary. Looking for job in The USA or… Read more »

    Larsen Vojnic Zelic
    San Diego, USA
  19. Timofey Barmin 2013-11-21

    Read more »

    Timofey Barmin
  20. henry hazan 2013-11-20

    Read more »

    henry hazan
  21. Loic Maury 2013-11-12


    Passionate by the functional programming, I am looking for an opportunity, to work on these… Read more »

    Loic Maury
    Paris, France
  22. Erlang/OTP developer and architect since 2011 2013-11-05

    Erlang/OTP developer and architect since 2011. Experienced in designing and programming high… Read more »

    Romuald Texier-Marcadé
    Rennes, France
  23. Nikita Krylov 2013-11-03

    Recent Erlang convert. Most of the experience is C (mostly) and C++ projects for soft real-time… Read more »

    Nikita Krylov http://ru.linkedin.com/pub/nikita-krylov/2/129/521
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  24. christian musinguzi 2013-10-29

    Experience in Erlang/OTP Mnesia, Zotonic, XMPP, Yaws, and CouchDB Read more »

    christian musinguzi
    Kampala, Uganda
  25. Erlang Developer is looking for permanent position in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland 2013-10-27

    Here are his Skills:

    Ms sql
    Infinispan… Read more »

    Thomas Lersch http://www.buerolersch.de
    Berlin, Germany
  26. Maksim Kiselev 2013-10-23

    Read more »

    Maksim Kiselev
  27. brangi rodriguez 2013-10-23

    Read more »

    brangi rodriguez
  28. Steven Swart 2013-10-13

    I have nine months experience in Erlang, working on USSD interfaces for mobile applications. Read more »

    Steven Swart
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  29. zhi zhen 2013-10-08

    date of birth: January 21, 1988
    sex: male
    marital status: unmarried
    e-mail: zhzhzhen@gmail.com… Read more »

    zhi zhen http://zhizhen.github.com
    beijing, china
  30. János Gyermán 2013-10-02

    CEO & Founder @ Mesh Data Systems Kft. Read more »

    János Gyermán http://meshnetwork.hu
    Szeged, Hungary
  31. Vasiliy Avdiushkin 2013-09-27

    **email:** vasiliy.avdiushkin@gmail.com
    **jabber:** dixel@jabber.cz… Read more »

    Vasiliy Avdiushkin
    Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  32. Gonçalo Cabrita 2012-11-30

    Currently diving into Erlang and Elixir. Read more »

    Gonçalo Cabrita http://gmcabrita.com
    Almada, Portugal
  33. manjunth R 2013-09-24

    Read more »

    manjunth R
  34. Senior software engineer 2013-09-19

    Over 7 years of commercial software development. Design and development desktop application for MS… Read more »

    Anton Alferov http://github.com/aialferov
    Ulyanovsk, Russia
  35. Nikita Yukhov 2013-09-17

    Remote jobs only.

    Experience - Erlang/OTP; Ruby(RoR); C/C++; Javascript (AJAX); Database… Read more »

    Nikita Yukhov
    Samara, Russian Federation
  36. chinnu csk 2013-09-05

    Read more »

    chinnu csk
  37. Igor Kharin 2013-08-12

    Expert in service-oriented technologies (XMPP- and Web- services etc); IT-System architecture… Read more »

    Igor Kharin http://isqom.org/usr/igor
    Kharkov, Ukraine
  38. Dmitry Abramov 2013-08-20

    Development projects in Erlang. Web, telecom etc

    Possible development for outsource Read more »

    Dmitry Abramov
    Moscow, Russia
  39. Rodrigo Dominguez 2013-04-06

    Looking for part-time consulting Erlang projects.
    I'm a developer with 14 years of experience, I… Read more »

    Rodrigo Dominguez http://www.rorra.com.ar
    Capital Federal, Argentina
  40. Vladimir Ivanov 2013-07-24

    Read more »

    Vladimir Ivanov
  41. Andrey Sedinin 2013-07-22

    I have strong experience with telecom (mobile messaging and mobile content) projects. Some of them… Read more »

    Andrey Sedinin http://www.oversun.com.ua/
    Kiev, Ukraine
  42. Niclas Axelsson 2013-07-22

    https://github.com/burbas/ Read more »

    Niclas Axelsson http://se.linkedin.com/in/burbas/
    Karlstad, Sweden
  43. Cuong Bien Le 2010-08-16

    I'm Le Bien Cuong. I'm from Ho Chi Minh City, a big city of the country Viet Nam. I'm a "computer Read more »

    Cuong Bien Le http://resume.cuongle.name
    Ho Chi Minh, VietNam
  44. Ilya Tepikin 2013-07-06

    Read more »

    Ilya Tepikin
  45. Andrew Yanovsky 2013-06-24

    I'm "totally erlang" :-) , my Erlang projects:
    (1) Classifieds, e.g. for vehicles and accompanying… Read more »

    Andrew Yanovsky
    Kharkov, Ukraine
  46. Alexander Ivanov 2013-07-02

    Looking for erlang free-lance Read more »

    Alexander Ivanov
    Moscow, Russia
  47. Dmitry Krupin 2013-06-03

    Looking for remote job on Erlang or Haskell.

    Programming languages: Erlang, Haskell, PHP Read more »

    Dmitry Krupin
    Petrozavodsk, Russia
  48. Tamás Szokol 2013-06-10

    Senior Developer Read more »

    Tamás Szokol
    Budapest, Hungary
  49. Ashwin Giridharan 2013-06-01

    Erlang, Ejabberd, Core Java, Cassandra Read more »

    Ashwin Giridharan
    Bangalore, India
  50. aidan reel 2013-05-31

    Read more »

    aidan reel
  51. Dmitriy Kataskin 2013-04-29

    - Erlang\OTP developer
    - Senior .NET developer
    - author of windows azure erlang bindings library… Read more »

    Dmitriy Kataskin
    Saransk, Russian Federation
  52. x c 2013-05-23

    Read more »

    x c
  53. Meike Helene Hecker 2013-05-22

    Read more »

    Meike Helene Hecker
  54. Rahul Kemani 2013-05-20

    Read more »

    Rahul Kemani
  55. Danil O. 2013-05-03

    Read more »

    Danil O.
  56. Hardik Varia 2013-05-02

    Graduated from Rutgers Engineering School, NJ, USA in 2007.
    Currently working in Ghana, West Africa… Read more »

    Hardik Varia https://github.com/imprest
    Accra, Ghana
  57. Tim Watson 2013-04-10

    - experienced Erlang/OTP professional
    - currently at RabbitMQ

    Gifted and passionate multi Read more »

    Tim Watson http://www.linkedin.com/in/hyperthunk
    Bath, United Kingdom
  58. Marcia Nelson 2013-03-28

    Read more »

    Marcia Nelson
  59. Hana Bencikova 2013-03-21

    I am a Recruitment Consultant for Kaizen Recruitment in Dublin, focusing and specializing on IT… Read more »

    Hana Bencikova
    Dublin, Ireland
  60. Roman Chvanikov 2013-03-12

    Very experienced with highload in web but not too much with Erlang - I use it for about 6 month for… Read more »

    Roman Chvanikov https://github.com/chvanikoff
    St. Petersburg, Russia
  61. Sergey Loguntsov 2012-12-29

    Erlang/OTP, RabbitMQ, Gearman
    HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL,
    C++ (STL),

    Try Haskell. Read more »

    Sergey Loguntsov http://github.com/loguntsov
    Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
  62. Erlang Engineer-Karthik Arumugam 2011-11-22

    Have experience in erlang/otp,mnesia,couchdb,yaws,rabbitmq,chicagoboss.
    Have experience in Telecom… Read more »

    Karthik Arumugam
    Trivandrum, India
  63. Alex Babkin 2013-02-26

    Diving into functional world Read more »

    Alex Babkin
    Hoboken, US
  64. Software Professional, Open Source Developer & Author 2013-02-22

    Contractor with 18 years experience, including 4 with Erlang, based in Vancouver, BC, and looking… Read more »

    David Dossot http://david.dossot.net
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
  65. Daxx IT Staffing 2013-02-20

    Hello! Thank you for visiting our profile. If you are looking for fulltime Erlang developers, we… Read more »

    Daxx IT Staffing http://www.daxx.com
    Kiev, Ukraine
  66. Rahul Reddy 2011-01-17

    Have very good command on erlang along with OTP concepts for about 2 years in a Telcom based… Read more »

    Rahul Reddy
    Hyderabad, India
  67. Ruban Jayathas 2012-05-18

    Building an international team of talented Engineers. Read more »

    Ruban Jayathas
    Bucharest, Romania
  68. Isaac Praveen 2013-02-05

    Erlang/OTP Developer
    http://www.linkedin.com/in/isaacpraveen Read more »

    Isaac Praveen http://icylisper.github.com/
    Bangalore, India
  69. Senior Erlang developer from Bulgaria 2013-02-01

    I'm a russian guy, living now in the Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black sea.
    I have a strong… Read more »

    Ilya Shlyakhovoy http://cmsaas.info
    Burgas, Bulgaria
  70. Maxim Sokhatsky 2010-12-07

    M.Sci. Erlang, SNMP monitoring. Riak, RabbitMQ, Nitrogen, Cowboy. Providing outsourcing portfolio. Read more »

    Maxim Sokhatsky http://synrc.com
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  71. Jonn Mostovoy 2012-09-27

    Enthusiastic Erlang developer that is in love with that language. Seeking for work of any sort… Read more »

    Jonn Mostovoy http://memorici.de
    Rīga, Latvia
  72. Jerrol Spier 2013-01-18

    Read more »

    Jerrol Spier
  73. Marcus Edwardes 2013-01-17

    Read more »

    Marcus Edwardes
  74. jigar deai 2013-01-13

    Read more »

    jigar deai
  75. Peter Bruinsma 2013-01-03

    I'm a Dutchman with a BS in Mathematics/CompSci from a US university.
    Since 2001 I have lived in… Read more »

    Peter Bruinsma
    Kramfors, Sweden
  76. Harish S 2012-12-30

    Development of middle ware in Erlang for BSNL CDMA network to interface CDMA core equipments with… Read more »

    Harish S http://www.genext.bsnl.co.in/cdmaprepaid
    Bangalore, India
  77. Jerome Verstrynge 2012-12-21

    Read more »

    Jerome Verstrynge
  78. Kirill Trofimov 2012-12-16

    Read more »

    Kirill Trofimov
  79. john crew 2012-12-06

    i am a ruby on rails freelancer. if you have any work in it then contact me Read more »

    john crew
    pune, india
  80. Igor Drozdov 2012-12-01

    Read more »

    Igor Drozdov
  81. Eugene Shubin 2012-11-23

    Read more »

    Eugene Shubin
  82. Marcelo Araujo 2012-11-21

    Solid and deep experience related with Web Development. Read more »

    Marcelo Araujo http://crosaratech.com.br
    Uberlândia, MG, Brazil
  83. Vyacheslav Vorobyev 2012-11-20

    I have wide and deep overall experience in development of distributed systems on different… Read more »

    Vyacheslav Vorobyev
    Moscow, Russia
  84. Anatoly Kanivetskiy 2012-11-20

    http://www.linkedin.com/in/kanivetskiy Read more »

    Anatoly Kanivetskiy http://www.linkedin.com/in/kanivetskiy
    Hilversum, Netherlands
  85. Olivier Girondel 2012-11-19

    Looking for an Erlang job in Paris, I've been using Erlang for work and personal projects, mainly… Read more »

    Olivier Girondel http://biniou.net
    Paris, France
  86. Expert Developer 2012-11-09

    Web Developer with 3+ years industry experience. Read more »

    Deepak Balani https://github.com/deepakbalani
    Jaipur, India
  87. Ali Sabil 2012-10-29

    Read more »

    Ali Sabil
  88. Thomas Elsgaard - Erlang Internship 2012-09-28

    It's no secret that i am an newbie within Erlang, but i am hard working and passionated about what… Read more »

    Thomas Elsgaard
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  89. Fabrice Leal 2012-10-09

    Baby-level Erlang... Read more »

    Fabrice Leal http://fabriceleal.github.com
    Leiria, Portugal
  90. Alexey Aniskin 2012-09-26

    Erlang/Python/C + Js/Lua/..
    Web front-ends. XMPP. Embedded systems.
    Read more »

    Alexey Aniskin http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexeyaniskin
    Chelyabinsk reg., Russia
  91. Eric Evers 2012-05-23

    I am interested in all things Erlang. It is a delightful language and have taught an introductory… Read more »

    Eric Evers
    Knoxvlle, USA
  92. Josh Rotenberg 2012-08-15

    Interested in Erlang, Elixir, Clojure, or other functional language development Read more »

    Josh Rotenberg http://www.joshrotenberg.com
    SF Bay Area, United States
  93. Roman Boiko 2012-09-08

    Passionate Erlang developer, experienced enterprise Java dev/architect
    MSc(Computer Science… Read more »

    Roman Boiko http://uk.linkedin.com/in/romanboiko
    London, UK
  94. Martin Wiso 2012-09-06

    Usable Software, Programming, UI, Robotics, Erlang
    Profile - http://www.linkedin.com/in/martinwiso… Read more »

    Martin Wiso
    Prague, Czech Republic
  95. Adam Rutkowski 2012-08-22

    61 48 52 30 63 44 6F 76 4C 32 31 30 62 32 51 75
    62 33 4A 6E 4C 32 4E 32 58 32 46 6B 59 57 31 79
    64… Read more »

    Adam Rutkowski http://mtod.org
    Warsaw, Poland
  96. Artem Artemev 2012-08-17

    c/erlang/haskell Read more »

    Artem Artemev
    Ulyanovsk, Russia
  97. Martynas Pumputis 2012-07-12

    Read more »

    Martynas Pumputis
  98. Gordon Guthrie 2012-07-10

    Read more »

    Gordon Guthrie
  99. Marcelo Gornstein 2012-07-06

    Beginning Erlang, lots of experience on other languages like C, Java, PHP, and some ecmascript on… Read more »

    Marcelo Gornstein http://marcelog.github.com
    Capital Federal, Argentina
  100. Sanket Gawade 2012-05-15

    A Software Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. More than 2 years of experience… Read more »

    Sanket Gawade http://www.linkedin.com/in/sanketgawade
    Gainesville, United States