Totally Erlang has been discontinued. What started out as a pet project by Maximonster, grew into a busy free job board. But - sorry to say - we're just too busy with work on Zotonic (the open source Erlang framework) and projects like LearningStone to maintain the platform. Maybe we'll be back and we'll be sure to let your know! Still looking for Erlang developers? Get in touch.

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Erlang…. the incredibly beautiful and astonishingly robust functional programming language is here to stay. Erlang is concurrency. Erlang is performance. Erlang is cool!

Erlang might have been named after the Danish mathematician and engineer Agner Krarup Erlang, or it might of been an abbreviation of “Ericsson Language” as it originated at Ericsson in Sweden.  It was open sourced in 1998 and has been on the rise ever since (thank you Ericsson!).

General information about Erlang can be found at Erlang.org.

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