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Russell Brown

Russell Brown
Leeds, UK

Will move to another country for work.

I'm a ten year IT professional. I worked at Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange (at the time the UK's biggest site), then at LINK (UK cash machine network switch) where I wrote the code for distributing the 3DES keys and also settlement with the Bank Of England.

Since then I have been a contractor. I have worked on 4oD, Seesaw.co.uk and AT&T video on demand applications and on less high profile contracts also (including insurance and e-learning).

I have been a keen hobbysit erlanger for over 2 years and have completed some paid, freelance assignments using Mochiweb and other erlang libraries. I have contributed (twice) to the rebar project and am a keen user of webmachine, Mochiweb, Riak, Couchdb, Mnesia and zotonic.

I have written a few libraries/OTP apps which you can see on github.com/russelldb

Erlang and FP may or may not be the future of my industry (I think so) but they are certainly *my* future. After 10 years in 'enterprise' Java I now love programming more and more and I really love programming in Erlang/OTP.