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Daniel Luna

Daniel Luna http://lunas.se/cv/cv_daniel_luna.pdf
Delray Beach, FL, U.S.A.

Will move to another country for work.

Experienced Erlang programmer well versed in both Erlang internals and OTP libraries. Erlang programmer since 2003. Professionally since 2005.

Found Erlang at a university course in 2003. Did my master's thesis on an Erlang project in 2004 (my name is still around in a few HiPE files in the Erlang/OTP release). Had a short time with Ericsson, Rome. Got recruited to Klarna, Stockholm. Was soon responsible for all major upgrades and Erlang operations. Did six months with Smarkets, London, and then went out backpacking in South America. Currently working with SiftLogic in Florida, U.S.A.

Not really looking for something else at the moment, but if you do contact me make sure that your company is willing to sponsor a visa. Likes jobs that are interesting and contains responsibility, challenges, a great boss, and good colleagues.

Open to both managerial and purely technical roles.