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Hariprasad Hari

Hariprasad Hari

Will travel for work.

I am now a CERTIFIED ERLANG PROGRAMMER, as I have passed the Erlang Foundation Certificate, which is Conducted by Erlang Solutions Company Limited, Uk.
Now I am having 10 MONTHS EXPERIENCE programing in ERLANG. Have worked with component like CouchDB, ErlangWeb, RabbitMQ, Yaws in one of my projects.

The project is a collaboration with Uppsala University
and Erlang-Solutions Limited. The project is entitled to develop a Community portal fully using erlang components. In my project we develop a robust, fault tolerant, distributed, scalable and exchangeable system. I am working under Jan Henry Neystrom and Henrik Thalin of the Erlang-solutions company.

Have developed a distributed Client and Server communication using Erlang implementing Time stamp Concurrency Control Protocol.

Have worked and have prior knowledge in C and C++.
Have also knowledge in Java, J2EE, Java server pages, Servlets.

If you want my CV, contact me at hprasad.1987@gmail.com and my mobile no is 0704092297.

Currently going to do my MASTER THESIS at ERICSSON, Kista in the Field of Distributed Computing using ERLANG.

Looking for PERMANENT /INTERNSHIPS in my area of Interest.
My interest lies in Distributed Computing, Networking, Parallel computing, Peer-to-Peer System, Distributed Systems.

A fair amount of Exposure also lies in Machine Learning Techniques.