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thanos vassilakis

thanos vassilakis
new york, usa

I've coded in since 1997, when I worked for Ericsson in Stockholm building switch monitoring and control systems.

My recent Erlang projects are:
TradeSource: A trade abstraction framework written in Erlang and Python.
MarketSource: A market data framework written in Erlang and Python.
Syntazo & Taxy: The first is an Erlang/OTP map/reduce competitor that can be used as a high performance distributed, robust yet
very realistic and practical pricing/quants engine. The second is an Erlang/OTP version of the original Ilabs workflow and
integration framework.

I've managed to inject Erlang into the following vectors:
Commodities department of Royal Bank of Canada,
Commodities department of Credit-Suisse

I’m looking for work where my experience and creative development skills will be used. I’m not seeking a title but a
position where I can remain hands on and yet have enough responsibility and trust to really contribute to the
company. In my career I’ve had the privilege to built really great development teams, and with them create
powerful and successful frameworks and applications. I’m hoping these experiences and my strong technical and
creative abilities will be exploited. Although I’ve often led teams I’m also very willing to take a back seat; listen,
learn, reflect and then contribute.