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Bogdan Tchaicka

Bogdan Tchaicka http://erlang.com.ua
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Will travel for work.

My name is Tchaicka Bogdan, i m from Ukraine.
I begin programming and earn money by it in may 2005 year. Now i'm a strong adept of Erlang. But my first language was C++ and Java. At first time i develop desktop application for Win32 : spying system and "work list reports" for building company. After that i took part in startUp project kupui.com and ukrmoney.com on perl - ukrainian analogs of ebay.com and paypal.com. This projects were unsuccessful. In 2007 i begin develop audit system for financianal bank also on perl. During this time i aslo learn php and python/django for outsouce work. In 2011 i found erlang, change job on specialize stuff, and now i'm strong adept of Erlang,thinking that it is a future of modern scalable,highload systems