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Jonn Mostovoy

Jonn Mostovoy http://memorici.de
Rīga, Latvia

Will move to another country for work.

Enthusiastic Erlang developer that is in love with that language. Seeking for work of any sort where I could apply and improve my Erlang/Elixir/Joxa skills.

Short summary:
* For a good while I was writing my own projects exclusively in Erlang and really enjoy it (some things can be found at http://github.com/manpages).
* Recently I picked Elixir and am writing production code with it and some FOSS solutions as well
* Spawnfest participant for team HINT (got a prize, http://spawnfest.com/winners).
* Young and full of energy programmer that learns fast and loves working in a team.
* CV — http://nn.lv/h8