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Rodrigo Dominguez

Rodrigo Dominguez http://www.rorra.com.ar
Capital Federal, Argentina

Will move to another country for work.

Looking for part-time consulting Erlang projects.
I'm a developer with 14 years of experience, I started to learn programming when I was 15, got my first job at 18, now I'm 32.
I am a full stack developer, I started with linux and c when I was really younger, from there I moved to windows, visual languages and desktop applications, then got back to linux programming and from there to web development and web services.
On my last full time work I was working for Travelocity/Sabre as a UI Teach Leader, until I quit and started to work on my own as a consultant. Now I'm working as a full time consultant/partner for EligibleAPI on the Health Industry on SF.
I learn functional programming some years ago, and got interested in Erlang last year because of the need to implement scalable web services. I don't have too much experience on Erlang yet, just a couple of scalable services implemented and deployed.
I'm looking for part time Erlang projects to earn more experience on it.