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Tim Watson

Tim Watson http://www.linkedin.com/in/hyperthunk
Bath, United Kingdom

- experienced Erlang/OTP professional
- currently at RabbitMQ

Gifted and passionate multi-disciplinary technologist with over a decade of experience in building high quality software and a technical background spanning a wide range of software development platforms, languages and engineering disciplines. A highly focussed, professional software engineer, seasoned in agile modelling and analysis methods, with experience working across a diverse range of teams including the CNET award winning Web21C initiative at British Telecommunications.

Always looking for business opportunities, real world problems to solve and inspiring technical challenges, I like being out of my comfort zone and pushing the boundaries to discover the art of the possible.

Agile modelling and using my battle hardened OO and Functional Programming skills to deliver high quality software from the word go. Technical leadership and management of agile development teams, on and offshore. Integration and middleware development, high performance/availability server architecture.