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Andrew Yanovsky

Andrew Yanovsky
Kharkov, Ukraine

I'm "totally erlang" :-) , my Erlang projects:
(1) Classifieds, e.g. for vehicles and accompanying goods;
(2) Embeddable socialization and consulting IM service for ecommerce sites;
(3) Middleware (for several high loaded sites) integrating application servers, database servers with restrictive license, web servers etc;
(4) Erlang based wiki or wiki-like CMS with blogs, multiuser chat for comments and MediaWiki syntax;
(5) Some serverside stuff for medics, radiology physicians.
I learned a lot of good things, many thanks to all those Erlang/OTP, yaws, ejabberd etc etc :-)

Other old projects with my participation (and under my leadership):
(1) software for medical image processing in Computer Aided Tomography;
(2) computer vision for casino;
(3) lot of outsorcing...
Unfortunately, I had no idea about Erlang that time :-(

I’m involved in R&D for information management, cryptography, computer aided tomography, medical applications, digital archiving, document management and business process management, development of network and distributed systems, big data mining. I’m strong in data processing and mining methods for theoretical physics, mathematical modeling, computer science, software engineering and Internet technologies, specialist in scientific data visualization and volume rendering. I have considerable experience in various programming languages including Erlang, Javascript, C/C++, C#, Java, Common Lisp, etc, as well as in a lot of different mathematical methods, models, cryptography protocols, IT-System architecture design and programming within framework of technology of distributed systems, various Web technologies (RESTful Web services, HTML5, Javascript, AJAX/JSON, XML/XSLT etc), various data protocols and specific standards like DICOM, HL7, WfMC, XMPP etc, and programming for stationary and mobile devices.

PhD, (14 years in IT)

I’m always open to a great opportunity to hammer out next Erlang based project. Also, if I can be helpful to you with any of your searches, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Tottally-erlang "Send message" button.


P.S. By the way, I have resume-CV with more details, than it is described here.