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Igor Kharin

Igor Kharin http://isqom.org/usr/igor
Kharkov, Ukraine

Will travel for work.

Expert in service-oriented technologies (XMPP- and Web- services etc); IT-System architecture design and programming within the framework of the technology of distributed systems with using Erlang/OTP; Schema, LISP, Javascript (AJAX), XML/XSLT; Database architecture and data mining, NoSQL engines; projects management for software development

Over 7 years of experience as system administrator with experience in various network technologies and tools, equipment transferring data and computer hardware.

Over 16 years of experience in development of desktop applications, client/server software (Javascript. DHTML, Java etc) and service-oriented software (RESTful Web services, AJAX/JSON, XML/XSLT etc), in applications and development of the methods of Computer Science, Engineering Software and Information Technologies, including design, development and software maintenance for the distributed systems of information control, a computer tomography, medical applications.

Over 25 in the field of the mathematical modeling, the calculation and data processing methods, software development.