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Alexander Khryplyvenko

Alexander Khryplyvenko http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=281734785
Kiev, Ukraine

Will move to another country for work.

I've been writing programs for Unix/Linux for 7+ years(C, Python, Bash, Java, C++).
Skills: OOP/OOD, functional programming, concurrency, RDBMS. And many others.
Math & algorithmic background. Master degree in computer systems.

Worked in banking, HPC & embedded spheres.

Nearly a year ago I started to learn Erlang.
Now I'd love to join some project,which was developed/is being developing using erlang:
a) as a contractor/employee for wages & relocate to the USA.
b) as a contractor for wages & work remotely(from Kiev/Ukraine)
c) & work for free & future options
d) open source project

e) a)-d) combined in any way