Andrey Ivanov

Parallel and asynchronous programming professional.C/C++/Erlang.Ph.D. Remote jobs only. Started from academic background working on numerical simulations of particle physics processes and implementing data mining algorithms processing LHC data for my scientific lab. (Statistics,Probability theory,C,C++,MPI,OpenMP,Root,AliEn,LCG,SVN,Linux) Last 2 years was a technical leader in core data processing team of AlrertLogic ( providing software powering scalable fault tolerant backed for their products. ~ 1PB aggregated long term storage ~1TB/day complex input data (syslog and IDS messages) processing in close to real time mode . Back-end was responsible for things like map-reduce based searches on long term data for UI and handling consistency of OLAP structures in NoSQL DB for generating reports in semi real-time. Also an algorithm for efficiently parsing syslog messages with more then 10k patterns simultaneously was developed. (Erlang,C,C++,RIAK,Git,Linux)
Andrey Ivanov -
St.Petersbirg , Russia