Team of Erlang, Python & JavaScriopt developers

We are small family company with very stable team of 10 developers. Our summarized developer experience is over 80 years. Our tools of choice include Erlang, Python & JavaScript. We are developing software of various degree of complexity. We have worked with following projects: - planning, developing and deployment of scalable reliable (uptime 99.99%) distributed backends, that serve concurrently millions of users - development of client-side part of web-applications Below are three selected projects for which we have created backends: 1. Publish-subscribe near-realtime system (with very low latency) for leading polish web-portal, which is used for transmissions ( from live events, both sport and political. System handles up to 1.5 millions of users concurrently and it can be scaled up to 10 millions of users without software modifications. We are providing service for production machines; SLA with high requirements for reliability. 2. Canadian-owned micro-blogging service (, which is used actively by several hundred of thousands of users and has several millions of registered users mostly from South-Eastern Asia. 3. American-owned ( that provides software for live blog updates in real time, that is capable of service up to 800k of users from single extra-large EC2 instance and scales up to 100 machines in single cluster. All while keeping latency as low as 1 seconds for 95. percentile of users. I hope our experience will helpful for your Company and your projects. Mikołaj Peregud SilverSoft Sp. z o.o., Poland
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Warsaw , Poland