Akshat Sharma

Hello :) I am a erlang programmer looking for contract work. My skills include Languages erlang ,javascript ,nodejs and lua(beginner) Databases couchdb/couchdb-lucene,elasticsearch and redis nginx My stackoverflow http://stackoverflow.com/users/1263781/akshat-jiwan-sharma My github https://github.com/brickcap My blog http://www.staticshin.com/ I am the author of specter (http://brislink.github.io/specter), a simple CMS and wrinqle (http://github.com/brickcap/wrinqle) a websocket server based on cowboy. The aim is to provide an easy to setup, fast, concurrent and aware socket server. It uses cowboy for the websocket library. It is still a work in progress :) At the moment I am reading the code base of couchdb as I am quite fasinated by it and working hard at learning open resty (the most underrated web framewrok imo) Feel free to contact me at akshatjiwan@gmail.com if you have a work related opportunity or just want to say hi. PS: I am looking for contract work only. I do not mind travelling for work in fact given the opportunity I will quite enjoy it :)
gurgaon , India