Totally Erlang Superheroes

Totally Superheroes is about the interesting, successful  influential and downright heroic developers, companies or researchers who are using or contributing to Erlang around the world.

Totally Erlang will interview the superheroes in a totally random order raging from great to brilliant. Do you think we should interview someone? DM us through @totallyerlang or use the contact form.


Loïc Hoguin 

Loïc Hoguin’s claim to fame is the open source webserver Cowboy: written in Erlang and now used all over the world. Loïc runs Nine Nines and is a regular speaker in the Erlang world. His company is rapidly extending its product range with wild west names (Ranch, Bullet and Sheriff), all written in Erlang. READ >>> 

Fred Hébert Fred Hébert is seriously enthusiastic about Erlang and author of  Learn You Some Erlang for great good! a free online book He taught himself Erlang by writing a book and did the silly illustrations himself. We asked him why and what now?
READ >>>
Beebole   Erlang based Time Tracking software. We interviewed Yves Hiernaux and his colleagues who have developed one of the most elegant time trackers on the market today and are Erlang enthusiasts.  READ >>>